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We have many different programs that all work in various ways to empower women and children in our community. You can read more about each program below. We are always looking for passionate, dedicated volunteers to join our team. Please reach out if you would like to learn how to get involved with any of our programs. 

Cocoon Crèche

Cocoon Crèche is an early childhood care and education programme run by SEWAC-B. The programme recognizes the fact that children need a happy, healthy, secure and nurturing environment to flourish. Towards that end the Cocoon Crèche takes care of preschool education, nutrition and health of its children in a safe secure and loving environment. All of these children come from disadvantaged sections of society. Most of their mothers work as domestic workers, construction workers, petty shop owners and some may be just ailing mothers unable to take care of their children.

Bee-hive School

Bee-hive School was started in 2001 for children around the Guddadahalli area. We offer Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG classes. Bee-Hive children are happy, healthy, well-adjusted, bright and disciplined kids. Every year sports day, project week, annual day celebration, Diwali celebration, Christmas party, picnics and other such activities are conducted for the holistic development of the children. 

Spoken English Classes

English classes are held for women of the area to help them speak and understand English so their prospects to find jobs are increased. The knowledge of English can help them to conduct their daily activities like banking, bill payments, school admission and interviews for their children.

Happy Library

Happy Library was started by SEWAC-B in partnership with Nirupa Reading Foundation. Every weekday from 4:30pm-6:00pm, the library is open for children to attend. Here, children are helped with reading, school work, and can attend "Story Telling" sessions.

Summer Camp for Children

Every summer, children from the neighborhood attend a camp in the school premises. Here, the children learn songs, dances, painting, crafts etc. Summer camp is a place for children to learn new skills and develop tremendously. Many generous volunteers come and share their skills and time with the children making it an overwhelmingly positive experience each year. 

Unnati - Computer training centre

Women and children up to 16 across categories wishing to get acquainted with computer literacy now get a chance to do that with our basic computer training program. Batches of women have successfully completed and been placed under this program for a small fee.

Summer Camp for Women

A Mother’s camp is organised in the summers withcooking, rangoli, arts & crafts and sewing competitions. Counseling sessions, talks and lectures are organised on suitable subjects for women. Yoga and physical fitness classes are also held.

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