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Spoken English Class

Need for learning English

Guddadahalli community, though socially and economically backward, is an aspirational society. The women of the area are enterprising and intelligent with a deep desire to empower themselves. They felt that their prospects were being hampered because they could not communicate in English. SEWAC-B decided to tackle this handicap with Spoken English Classes


English classes are held for women of the area to help them speak and understand English so their prospects to find jobs are increased. The knowledge of English helps them to conduct their daily activities like

  • Banking

  • Bill payments

  • School admission

  • Interviews for their children

We have had a good response to the program and have been able to help several women learn to communicate in English with confidence. We have also helped some of them find employment.



Thanks for your interest in Cocoon Creche! We will be in touch soon.

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