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About us

SEWAC-B was initially started as ‘Altrusa Club of Bangalore’ in 1973 by a group of 20 ladies with a view to empowering working women from marginalized sections of society. Subsequently it changed its name to ‘Altrusa International Inc., of Bangalore’.

In the year 2013, Altrusa International Inc., of Bangalore relinquished its affiliation to Altrusa International of USA and registered with the Registrar of Societies, Gandhinagar, Bangalore Urban District as SEWAC-B. Today SEWAC-B is housed in its own almost 2000 sft building constructed in 1994 and further expanded in 2005. This was possible due to active fundraising by our members and generous donations by our donors. Over the years we have worked for the health, education and welfare of children and empowerment of women. We have been involved in various activities like crèche and school for children, tailoring classes for women, training of nursing aides in home health care, child care, housekeeping etc., workshop on microfinance for women by the State Bank of India and many more. We endeavour to continue our work selflessly and tirelessly towards improving and empowering our community and finding new partners to support us in order to achieve our goal.

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